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Exped SynMat Mega 12 Sleeping Pad

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Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $139.30
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Exped SynMat Mega 12 Sleeping Pad
Exped SynMat Mega 12 Sleeping Pad description:
Sweet dreams come from a night spent under the stars on the Exped Synmat 12 Sleeping Pad. This pad raises you almost five inches off the ground, so creepy crawlies, other than your sweetie, won't wind up snuggling with you through the night. Rugged 75D fabric withstands the wear and tear of being dragged in and out of the car, being pumped up and then deflated, and being jumped on by the kids.Car camping need not be an exercise in frugality or suffering, and it doesn't need to be restricted to the warmer months. Microfiber insulation on top and bottom minimizes the amount of cold air reaching your slumbering soul to keep visions of sugar plums dancing in your head. I-beam baffles not only keep you comfortable but also ensure the air inside doesn't get crammed into corners by morning. Air elevates your sleeping experience, and works as insulation. The 5. 3 R-value offers warmth so you might only need a sheet when heading out for some summer fun. Some professional basketball players might find their feet hanging off the ends, but most other folks will stay tucked in, nice and tight. At 77. 5 inches long and 30 inches wide, this pad might tempt you, even when you're not at the campsite. The Schnozzel pump bag makes blowing this baby up a snap. When you're not pushing air, the pump bag does double-duty as either a gearbag or sleeping bag stuff sack.

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