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XCEL Hawaii 3/2 X2 TDC Revolt Wetsuit - Men's

item #XCL003T
Price: $394.95
Sale Price: $236.97
Buy XCEL Hawaii 3/2 X2 TDC Revolt Wetsuit - Men's
XCEL Hawaii 3/2 X2 TDC Revolt Wetsuit - Men's
XCEL Hawaii 3/2 X2 TDC Revolt Wetsuit - Men's description:
When you demand the best, then the XCEL Hawaii Men's 3/2 X2 TDC Revolt Wetsuit is really the only way to go. This premium fullsuit delivers top-of-the-line performance to keep you in the lineup longer, and ultimately helps you surf more comfortably and freely. Fashioned with Thermo Dry Celiant technology--XCEL's warmest lining ever--this suit retains and recycles your own body heat in order to keep you warmer, without the need for a thicker, more restrictive suit. Plus, a textured surface on the chest panel keeps the wind from stealing warmth from your core on gusty days, making this an excellent suit for storm surfing. Overlapping neck panels make the X2 entry system incredibly easy to put on, and the SmoothSkin hem seal creates a complete seal that keeps water out. Ultrastretch neoprene is super flexible to keep you warm and won't restrict movement. It's also equipped with Thermo Dry-sealed GBS seams to provide durability and limit water entry, without sacrificing stretch. DryLock wrist seals with inner Nexskin bands minimize flushing while creating a comfortable feel.

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