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Whitedot Director Ski

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Whitedot Director Ski
Whitedot Director Ski description:
Finding a ski that's stiff and powerful but still super playful can be a tall order to fill. Most skis will either be so playful they feel like a couple of noodles in anything but deep pow or so stiff they'll lock you into your turn without leaving much wiggle room to get creative with your line. But, what you'll find with the Whitedot Director Ski is that both can coexist, and it really is a beautiful thing. With a revamped rocker profile, increased effective edge, and a versatile 107mm waist, the Director is a true all-mountain shcralper that will change the way you see and ski the mountain.Whitedot is on its fourth year of making skis, and the company has already earned a reputation of producing fun and progressively shaped boards. The Director is arguably the most versatile in Whitedot's impressive quiver, and its full rocker profile with no camber underfoot make it a playful ski that will float pow, skid turns on the hardpack, and squiggle through the trees with ease. The Director gets its stiff feel from a sandwich construction that places carbon/KEVLAR stringers through the ski--this results in a stiff flex pattern that will keep the ski stable at speed and solid when conditions turn variable. The core reflects the Director's overall stiff and playful nature with light and poppy poplar wood at the tips and tails, and stiff ash underfoot for better binding retention. Rubber foil dampening tape placed just above the edges helps reduce vibrations through the skis for a more solid feel at high speeds, while High Speed Precision sintered bases ensure a fast and durable surface to launch your all-mountain assault.

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