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Whitedot R.98 Ski

item #WTD0009
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Whitedot R.98 Ski
Whitedot R.98 Ski description:
Most all-mountain skis restrict themselves to resort activities, but the Whitedot R. 98 Skis will travel to the farthest reaches of backcountry terrain in search of the finest lines to drop that day. Its 98mm waist balances between floating backcountry pow and resort chop, and the ski's profile complements the ski's versatile sidecut with tip rocker to stay afloat and traditional camber underfoot for edge control on firmer snow. Whitedot built the R. 98's core with vertically placed poplar and ash woods for a stunning combination of superlight comfort on the uphill and poppy performance on the downhill. Tri-axle carbon and fiberglass laminates stiffen up the R. 98 for better control at higher speeds, and they keep the R. 98 at a slim weight of three pounds per ski. The R. 98 boasts a durable ABS sidewall construction, and there's an aluminum tail notch for fixing climbing skins.

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