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WTB SL8 Pro Saddle

item #WTB003B
Price: $119.95 Buy WTB SL8 Pro Saddle
WTB SL8 Pro Saddle
WTB SL8 Pro Saddle description:
WTB's SL8 Pro Saddle may not be as feathery as its SL8 carbon cousin, but it still clocks in at just over 200g to deliver lightweight comfort at a far more budget-friendly price tag. Whether you're rocking technical trails or lining up at a local 'cross race, the SL8's streamlined profile lets you shift comfortably into a wide variety of positions to eke every watt of speed out of the ride. Across the top, a slightly recessed center channel helps minimize pressure, while DNA padding conforms to your anatomy to further relieve pressure points and increase comfort. Its durable microfiber cover resists scuffs and abrasion to weather rowdy trails, while minimal graphics make this an ideal pairing for any paint colorway.

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