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WTB Ranger TCS Tough Tire - 27.5+

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Buy WTB Ranger TCS Tough Tire - 27.5+
WTB Ranger TCS Tough Tire - 27.5+
WTB Ranger TCS Tough Tire - 27.5+ description:
We love the floaty cushion and super-glue traction of plus tires, especially for backcountry bikepacking applications. Those also happen to be the circumstances in which WTB's 27. 5+ Ranger TCS Tough Tire shines. While it's built to privilege longevity and flat-resistance over supple speed, it does share some qualities with its lighter, faster stablemate. Like the Ranger Light, the Tough model features WTB's Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) bead for easy, reliable seating along with excellent flat protection when paired with TCS sealant. It's also got a rounded profile that allows full contact for the knobs when shredding corners for better grip and greater confidence when carving the trail. Tough is no misnomer here, but you may be surprised to learn that the Ranger Tough is built with the same casing as the Ranger Light. The key difference is that WTB doubles up on it, adding a second layer to multiply the puncture resistance. In the brand's parlance, Lightweight casing x 2 = Enduro casing, and that equation was proven in development on the world circuit. That's a reassuring pedigree when you're deep in the bush on a weeklong trip, hauling 50lb of gear, and can't afford to lose a side wall to the fey folk of flat tires and capricious, sidewall-munching gremlins.

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