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WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5

item #WTB002E
Price: $999.99 Buy WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5
WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5
WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5 description:
Well-known in the industry for producing bombproof wheels popular among all the dirt disciplines, WTB throws its hat into the carbon ring with the new Ci24 rims. Pairing WTB reliability with buttery smooth Chris King hubs, the WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King 27. 5in Wheelset is here to shred some trail. The Ci24 rims were two years in the making, and those two years were filled with countless tests and tweaks to create a rim that's strong in all the right places. WTB utilizes its 4D Drilling technology, which angles the spokes for even alignment of the nipple and hub flange to eliminate unnecessary lateral stress. This serves to increase the wheels' longevity and ability to handle load. Additionally, the Ci24's ample 24mm internal rim width provides a solid platform of support for confident shredding and pinch-free adventures. These rims incorporate WTB's Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) profile and pair with TCS or UST tires for easy, reliable seating and excellent flat protection. They're also compatible with tubes if you catch trouble out on the trail or just feel like running old school for the day. The Ci24s are laced to a set of Chris King's venerable ISO hubs The hubs are hand-machined in Portland, OR and boast in-house bearings and Chris King's patented RingDrive system for an unprecedented 72 points of engagement. Anyone who's had the pleasure of experience their signature buzz first hand knows that these hubs deliver snappy power while accelerating out of corners or trail furniture.

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