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WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5

item #WTB002E
Price: $999.99 Buy WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5
WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5
WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset - 27.5 description:
WTB developed the new Ci24 rims over the course two years, refining the design through a harsh regime of testing by some of the world's best enduro racers. And with the addition of the legendary Chris King hubs, WTB's long-awaited entry into the carbon party should be praised by trail riders of every kind. The 27. 5in WTB Ci24 TCS Chris King Wheelset is lightweight, stiff and ready to take on whatever aggressive adventures you can find.The new Ci24's strength and durability comes courtesy of WTB's innovative 4D Drilling technology, which disperses the load more evenly across the wheel by angling the spoke head and nipple with the hub flange. By reducing unnecessary lateral stress, WTB is able to give you a wheel with more stability and a longer lifespan. The Ci24's 24mm internal rim width offers a sturdy profile with reliable, pinch-free sidewall support. WTB's Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) rim profile is designed to couple effortlessly with TCS or UST tires, but is also compatible with tubes if that's how you prefer to roll.To finish off the package, Chris King's trusty ISO hubs are laced to the Ci24s to deliver an utterly smooth ride. Known across the industry for quality and reliability, Chris King's ISO hubs feature bearings made in-house and RingDrive technology, which delivers an unrivaled 72 points of engagement to ensure all the torque you dish out translates to a responsive and powerful ride--not to mention that signature buzz.

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