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WTB Breakout TCS Tough HG Tire - 27.5in

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Sale Price: $69.95
Buy WTB Breakout TCS Tough HG Tire - 27.5in
WTB Breakout TCS Tough HG Tire - 27.5in
WTB Breakout TCS Tough HG Tire - 27.5in description:
WTB's Breakout TCS Tough HG 27. 5in Tire is a big, burly, trail-gobbling beast, with a special High Grip casing that makes short work of everything from sand to slickrock to damp ground. By using a Gravity DNA rubber compound, which layers a softer 45a rubber sheath over a harder 60a inner layer, the Breakout HG achieves a glue-like grip that the harder rubber of the Fast Rolling (FR) versions can't match. Throw in oversized edge knobs for even more cornering power, and the Breakout is a beast on any type of slick or turny terrain. It's not a one-trick grip pony, though. The center of the tire employs fast-rolling belts of lower-profile tread that help you turn the pedals over when you're keeping on the straight and fast. The Breakout Tough HG is seriously durable, too, with an Enduro casing that doubles down on the protection of the Light HG so you can tackle tough trails and rocky descents at speed without worrying about tearing your tire to shreds. It can be run with tubes or without, as well, depending on your preference, because the TCS aramid bead will hug the rim no matter how you're set up.

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