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WTB Breakout TCS Light FR Tire - 27.5in

item #WTB001T
Price: $67.95
Sale Price: $60.95
Buy WTB Breakout TCS Light FR Tire - 27.5in
WTB Breakout TCS Light FR Tire - 27.5in
WTB Breakout TCS Light FR Tire - 27.5in description:
You're riding a big-boy bike these days, so bail on your slow, cautious, smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom tires for the fast, nobbly burliness of the WTB Breakout TCS 27. 5in Tire. The Breakout's large but speedy 2. 3in width and oversized edge knobs keep you gripping like a maniac when you lean into turns, and the fast-rolling belts of center tread help you keep up a good clip when you're climbing or hammering down rolling trails. This particular Breakout comes complete with WTB's speed-oriented lightweight casing, which conforms to the ground to give you plenty of grip without weighing you down. Indeed, it weighs just 888g, which is over 200g lighter than the "Tough" version of this same tire. The TCS aramid bead lets you run the Breakout with or without tubes, too, depending on your preference.

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