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WTB Nine Line TCS Light Tire - 29in

item #WTB001N
Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $62.95
Buy WTB Nine Line TCS Light Tire - 29in
WTB Nine Line TCS Light Tire - 29in
WTB Nine Line TCS Light Tire - 29in description:
Some tires are built to handle the gnarliest terrain and some are built to grip like crazy, but the WTB Nine Line TCS Light 29in Tire is built to roll like the dickens. Where burlier tires employ sticky but slow knobs, the Nine Line has slimmed-down micro blocks that provide quality side-to-side traction with uninhibited rolling speed. Harder 60a rubber in the center of the tire cruises down smooth singletrack at face-melting speeds, while a grippier 50a compound on the sides provides traction when you're leaning into turns and pedaling through corners. At 2. 25 inches wide, the Nine Line isn't the skinniest XC race tire on the market, but the width just serves to provide extra traction without slowing you down. You can run the Nine Line with tubes or without, as suits your fancy, and the TCS aramid bead won't pop off when you take a big hit. It's light, too, at just 635 grams, so you'll be able to run it on race day without feeling like you're dragging heavy training tires around with you.

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