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WTB Trail Boss TCS Light FR Tire - 29

item #WTB001M
Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $62.95
Buy WTB Trail Boss TCS Light FR Tire - 29
WTB Trail Boss TCS Light FR Tire - 29
WTB Trail Boss TCS Light FR Tire - 29 description:
Designed for the aggressive XC or all-mountain wagon-wheel lover, the WTB Trail Boss TCS Light FR 29 excels in most dry to damp trail conditions. Large, tightly spaced lugs provide grip on damp and loose or hard and dry trails, while the Dual DNA rubber compound blends fast-rolling 60a rubber in the middle of the tire with grippy 50a rubber on the sides for the perfect balance of cornering and speed. The Light FR version has a single-layer lightweight casing to cut down on the ounces, while the Tough and High Grip versions use a more durable double-layer Enduro casing. Other than that they're the same, with an all-mountain 2. 3in width, and a light, flexible TCS aramid bead that lets you use tubes or go tubeless.

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