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WTB Vigilante TCS Light FR Tires - 29in

item #WTB001H
Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $62.95
Buy WTB Vigilante TCS Light FR Tires - 29in
WTB Vigilante TCS Light FR Tires - 29in
WTB Vigilante TCS Light FR Tires - 29in description:
There's a new justice-dispensing civilian hero in town, and it goes by the name WTB Vigilante TCS Tough HG 27. 5in Tire. It's a mouthful, sure, but the Vigilante is ready to put criminally rugged, twisty, and fast trails in their place with WTB's grippy Dual DNA rubber and fast, lightweight casing. Both fall on the light end of WTB's spectrum -- hence the name -- so you'll be able to rip cross-country, all-mountain, and trail rides without worrying about burning up excess energy turning your tires' rotational mass. The FR (Fast Rolling), means this particular version of the Vigilante was designed to turn over with minimal effort, but its blocky open tread leaves no doubt as to how well it'll hang on when you lay it over in a corner. At just 900g, it's by far the lightest Vigilante 29er tire, and it's also been endowed with WTB's tubless-ready TCS aramid bead, so you can run it however you want.

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