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WTB Rocket Pro Saddle

item #WTB000Y
Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $80.95
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WTB Rocket Pro Saddle
WTB Rocket Pro Saddle description:
Not every saddle is capable of pulling quadruple duty, but WTB's Rocket Pro Saddle is versatile enough to be used by road, XC, endure, and DH riders, which makes it pretty unique. It's not some crazy carbon construction or space-age design that makes it so multi-talented, but rather a smart combination of memory-foam-like DNA padding, a stiff but supportive Flex-Tuned shell, and light but strong Cro-Moly rails. DNA padding conforms to your anatomy, giving you a nearly custom fit, while the Flex-Tuned shell is supple enough to remain comfortable but strong enough to deliver plenty of power when you're pedaling hard. WTB's central Love Channel provides relief for your sensitive soft tissues, and the microfiber cover is tough, durable, and easy to clean.

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