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WTB Rocket Race Saddle

item #WTB000X
Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $53.95
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WTB Rocket Race Saddle
WTB Rocket Race Saddle description:
We would never advocate acquiring a whole fleet of fancy bikes, from DH to enduro to XC to road, but if you happened to have a few more rides than strictly necessary, the WTB Rocket Race Saddle would be a killer choice for each and every one. Popular with riders of all stripes, the Rocket Team, which is lighter than the Comp and more affordable than the Pro, has anatomically-minded padding that's only used in key spots to reduce weight while preventing discomfort. It also features WTB's Flex-Tuned shell, which offers an ideal combination of suppleness and stiffness, providing support and efficiency at the same time. Even better, the Love Channel provides relief to sensitive areas, and the different width options let you find the perfect saddle for your anatomy, riding style, and preferred terrain.

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