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WTB Volt Team Saddle

item #WTB000T
Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $116.95
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WTB Volt Team Saddle
WTB Volt Team Saddle description:
Hitting the rocket boosters on your favorite XC trail means you'll be all over the saddle--punching up chundery climbs, blasting through fallen leaves on smooth sections, and teching your way through tight descents. As luck would have it, those are the WTB Volt Team Saddle's favorite environments. Built with a whale tail in the back to keep you from sliding off and a dropped nose for comfortable and powerful climbing, the Volt is tailor-made for all-mountain riding. Oh, and it features a firm but efficient Flex-Tuned Shell and Love Channel depression to save your tender bits from getting bounced to smithereens.

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