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WTB Silverado Team Saddle

item #WTB000S
Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $116.95
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WTB Silverado Team Saddle
WTB Silverado Team Saddle description:
When you're pining for some ol' fashioned dusty singletrack out on the open range, slap the WTB Silverado Team Saddle onto your trusty steed and make moves. Situated in the middle of the Silverado family, the Team is lighter than the Pro and less expensive than the carbon, and it offers the perfect amount of contoured DNA padding to take the sting out of long XC rides and road grinds alike. The Silverado has a long and tapered nose so you can move around in the saddle and get forward on stiff climbs, along with just enough of a rise in the back to keep you from sliding off. The whole package is built on a Flex-Tuned shell, which provides a solid and efficient platform that's comfortable enough for long rides on trail and off.

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