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Wilier Zero.6 110 SRAM Red eTap Complete Road Bike - 2017

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Price: $999.99 Buy Wilier Zero.6 110 SRAM Red eTap Complete Road Bike - 2017
Wilier Zero.6 110 SRAM Red eTap Complete Road Bike - 2017
Wilier Zero.6 110 SRAM Red eTap Complete Road Bike - 2017 description:
Wilier put itself in a bit of a difficult position leading up to its 110th anniversary this year. After the Zero family managed to drop significant weight with each new generation, the iconic Italian brand was left with the task of creating a successor to the throne of the Zero. 7 that would pay homage to its quietly illustrious history. After two years of development, Wilier engineers managed to do it, giving us the Zero. 6 110 SRAM Red eTap Complete Road Bike. The frame alone weighs in at a claimed 680g, and rather than wonder how they'll top it next, we're happy to marvel at the impressively crafted, limited-edition design for the foreseeable future. The Zero. 6's striking black and copper paint scheme demands attention of its own, and like the rest of the bike's features, it was chosen carefully. For Wilier, black and copper harkens back to some of the first bikes the brand ever created during the early 20th century, but the elegant aesthetic remains relevant to this day. Throughout Wilier's history, making subtle and carefully calculated changes to create each new model has been far more important than being brash and dramatic. The Zero. 6's frame geometry remains refreshingly similar to that of the Zero. 7; it's all tight angles and compliant, unified feel between the frame and Wilier's signature Integrated Fork. It was bred to corner aggressively and act decisively on everything from sweeping descents to punchy climbs, and now it's lighter than ever. With the Zero. 7, Wilier had maxed out what it could do with its carbon layup process, so trimming weight yet again necessitated revisiting the carbon itself. Together with Mitsubishi, Wilier engineers developed a new material known as Dialed, which it derived from a base material known as Pitch. Pitch itself consists of a blend of high-purity High-, and Ultra-High-Modulus fiber. It then integrated Dialed with materials we've seen Wilier trust before, including 60T carbon fiber and SEI film, using different...

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