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Weehoo iGo Venture Bike Trailer

item #WEH0003
Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $425.00
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Weehoo iGo Venture Bike Trailer
Weehoo iGo Venture Bike Trailer description:
Bring both the grom and the grub with the iGo Venture Bike Trailer, a longer version of the company's famous iGo Pro, which boasts a cargo basket along with a child's seat, so you're able to bring all your precious cargo along. The Venture is otherwise extremely similar to the shorter Pro. It's made from a lightweight steel frame, onto which the alloy seat and basket are mounted. The modular platform means that the basket can be swapped out for another iGo seat for a small child. It rolls on a durable 20-inch wheel with a puncture-resistant tire, secured to the frame with a familiar 15mm axle nut, so all you need is a wrench to remove it if necessary for storage or flat repair. That wheel is linked to the iGo's crankset, which allows your child to pedal along and put in some of the effort, too, while the chain is fully enclosed to prevent getting fingers nabbed or getting grease all over shoes and pants. The trailer attaches simply and easily to the pulling bike's seatpost via one of five different included seatpost diameter bushings. The iGo Venture Bike Trailer comes in one color and weighs approximately 40 pounds. The seat and basket fabrics are removable from their alloy frames for hand washing (machine washing is not recommended). The total child-and-cargo weight limit for the trailer is 100 pounds.

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