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WD-40 Bike Dry Lube

item #WDF0005
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WD-40 Bike Dry Lube
WD-40 Bike Dry Lube description:
You need different lube for your drivetrain depending on what the conditions entail. Wet, muddy conditions need a polymer that helps to shed mud and water, while dry conditions necessitate a lube that keeps your shifting smooth without attracting sand and dust to the system. The WD-40 Bike Dry Lube is ideal for the latter conditions. This WD-40 is not the same as the all-purpose WD-40 that you use for squeaky doors. This is a polymer-based liquid with a medium viscosity. It cleans and lubricates your drivetrain, and the coating keeps dirt and dust from clogging up your cassette and chainrings. The WD-40 Bike Dry Lube is available in a 4oz squeeze bottle.

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