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Vredestein Comp Race Tire - Clincher

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Vredestein Comp Race Tire - Clincher
Vredestein Comp Race Tire - Clincher description:
Rather than taking the time to swap out your tires every time there's a hint of rain or a rough stretch of road on your chosen route, try wrapping your rims in the Vredestein Comp Race Tire before your next several rides or races. Versatile and hardy, the Comp Race was designed to free you from having to tailor your ride around your tire's capabilities, and it's built with a triple compound construction to keep it rolling confidently through everything from a slick, rain-drenched race course to the chip-sealed shoulders on your favorite back roads. Vredestein uses a firmer rubber along the center of the tire to keep enterprising goatheads and broken glass from stealing the air from your tubes and pairs it with softer rubber on the shoulders to give the tires a supple, controlled feel on corners. While you're rolling over ruts and grooves in the roads, the Comp Race's 120 TPI casing will allow you to coast smoothly rather than bounce over inconsistencies, preventing you from losing hard-earned speed. Finally, a woven nylon layer beneath the center tread provides an additional line of defense against road debris, leaving the less-vulnerable sidewalls free to still provide their commendable grip on corners.

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