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VSSL Flask Cache

item #VLS0004
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VSSL Flask Cache
VSSL Flask Cache description:
Setting: the Wild West. It's a historically-known fact that the life of a pioneer was certainly a difficult one, and those hefty flasks probably didn't make things any lighter, either. Thankfully, the folks over at VSSL applied the concept of evolution to the world of flasks and created the Flask Cache. This creation consists of a flashlight-meets-flask that holds ten ounces of booze, not to mention two shot glasses and a compass. Which, if you're all like "whoa," on account of the fact that A. you have a propensity for getting lost while intoxicated B. are a camping cocktail connoisseur or C. have a thing for multi-functional containers, then the Flask is bound to become your new, camping BFF.

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