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VeloShine Wipes - 18-Pack

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Price: $9.00 Buy VeloShine Wipes - 18-Pack
VeloShine Wipes - 18-Pack
VeloShine Wipes - 18-Pack description:
Let's face it, a clean bike is better than a dirty one. But how often does your bike truly need a full-on wash' Probably less often than you'd think. Most of the time, you'd be wise to simply clean the sweat and/or drink residue from the frame tubes and occasionally wipe the excess lube and grit from the chain. VeloShine Bike Wipes are a handy resource and are perfect for the quick touch-up cleaning job. Bike Wipes come in a package of 18 wipes. Each one is 8" x 11" and is moistened with all natural ingredients that won't harm the finish on your bike frame or components. In fact, they're hypo-allergenic, and you can use them on your skin if you find yourself in need of a touch-up after a race or ride. The wipes are bio-degradable and come in a re-sealable package.

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