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Vittoria Morsa G Plus TNT Tire - 29in

item #VIT002A
Price: $69.00 Buy Vittoria Morsa G Plus TNT Tire - 29in
Vittoria Morsa G Plus TNT Tire - 29in
Vittoria Morsa G Plus TNT Tire - 29in description:
Step up and drop in on the Vittoria Morsa G Plus TNT 29in Tire. With an audacious open tread and sharp, squared-off knobs, this tire provides an abundance of grip for any enduro or downhill shred session in a wide range of conditions. The knobs also feature ramped leading edges to reduce rolling resistance when you're doing the work instead of gravity. The Morsa G Plus incorporates Vittoria's TNT casing, which is compatible with both tubes and sealant-based tubeless systems and reinforced with a Kevlar bead and sidewall protection. This tire also boasts the revolutionary new G+ Isotech compound, utilizing graphene within the compound mix to reduce rolling resistance and overall weight, increase durability, and improve grip in wet weather compared to tires without the G+ Isotech compound.

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