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Vittoria Saguaro TNT Tires - 29in

item #VIT001R
Price: $58.00
Sale Price: $40.60
Buy Vittoria Saguaro TNT Tires - 29in
Vittoria Saguaro TNT Tires - 29in
Vittoria Saguaro TNT Tires - 29in description:
Most of us ride a little bit of everything -- rolling XC, rocky downhills, and leg-testing climbs -- so we need tires like the Vittoria Saguaro TNT 29in Tires, which are designed to handle all of that and then some. By blending a fast-rolling band of center tread with medium-sized side knobs, Vittoria gives the Saguaro a combination of speed and bite, with a weight of just 710g in the two-inch width. If you're looking for a little more gnar, size up to the 2. 2-inch width for some extra traction, and it'll still check in at well under 800g. This edition of the Saguaro features a supple 120 thread count per inch, which means you'll have excellent feel for the trail. It also rocks Vittoria's TNT Tubeless Talon bead, which lets you run them as traditional clinchers or weight-saving tubeless tires.

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