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Vittoria Goma TNT Tire - 29in

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Price: $58.00 Buy Vittoria Goma TNT Tire - 29in
Vittoria Goma TNT Tire - 29in
Vittoria Goma TNT Tire - 29in description:
Most of us aren't professional mountain bike racers, and, while it would be nice to have a wheelset and tires (or a whole bike) for every type of weather and terrain, it just isn't realistic without some very serious sponsorships. It's all going to be OK, though, because tires like the Vittoria Goma TNT 29er are designed to tackle every type of terrain in wet, dry, muddy, or sandy conditions. And, while it may not be the absolute best tire for each and every possible condition, it's nice to know that your bike is set up to handle any type of trail you may encounter along the ride. The Goma's tread pulls out all the stops for an all-mountain tire. A super sticky compound is formed into large, aggressive knobs that are siped and stepped for excellent mud-shedding and true high-speed tracking over both mild and highly technical terrain. Cornering is superb and progressive, rolling resistance is reasonably low, and braking is immediate and reliable. Finally, with two different widths and the ability to be ridden with or without tubes, the Goma is adaptable to all your preferences, so you'll never be caught out with the wrong setup.

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