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Vittoria Barzo TNT Tire - 27.5in

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Buy Vittoria Barzo TNT Tire - 27.5in
Vittoria Barzo TNT Tire - 27.5in
Vittoria Barzo TNT Tire - 27.5in description:
The Vittoria Barzo is a classic hardpack race tire. Small, low-profile lugs grip firm, dry trails well and the continuous contact center lug pattern make this one of the fastest off-road tires out there. Lean-dependent sipe angles mean the hard cornering grip doesn't kick in until the tire is leaned over, which keeps rolling resistance to a minimum and your speed cranked to 11. Counter V-formation channels shed mud and dirt, so you won't get bogged down after riding through some sticky stuff, and the 2. 1-inch and 2. 25-inch width offerings let you opt for more speed or grip, respectively. Tread alone doesn't make the tire, though. Almost as important is the casing underneath. Vittoria TNT casing is made from a 120 TPI cloth, which is strong but supple for a smooth feel and good grip. The sidewalls are also reinforced with nylon in order to minimize cuts and folding when riding at lower pressures. Best of all, Vittoria's TubesNoTubes (TNT) bead lets you opt for or against tubes, depending on your preference.

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