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Vittoria Peyote Tire - 29in

item #VIT001D
Price: $50.00 Buy Vittoria Peyote Tire - 29in
Vittoria Peyote Tire - 29in
Vittoria Peyote Tire - 29in description:
Your tires may be the most underrated component on your bike. Tires, more than anything else, dictate how your bike interacts with Mother Earth. The goal is to achieve the highest amount of grip while maintaining the lowest amount of rolling resistance. The Peyote 29-inch tire is Vittoria's attempt to find this happy medium on dry, hardpack terrain. The Peyote's low-profile lugs make it a very fast tire, while its large corner lugs give it gobs of grip in corners. We prefer to run this tire in the rear, where its low rolling resistance is put to best use.

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