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Vittoria Cross XG Pro TNT Tire - Clincher

item #VIT000V
Price: $54.00
Sale Price: $18.90
Buy Vittoria Cross XG Pro TNT Tire - Clincher
Vittoria Cross XG Pro TNT Tire - Clincher
Vittoria Cross XG Pro TNT Tire - Clincher description:
'Cross is fun because it's unpredictable, messy, and chaotic, but you don't want to make it even tougher than it has to be by rolling on the wrong tires; too slick and you'll end up on your teakettle, too knobby and you'll feel like you're pulling a trailer behind you. Vittoria nails the perfect balance with the Cross XC Pro TNT Clincher Tire, which employs an Aramid Racing 3D rubber compound to keep you rubber-side down without adding so much resistance that you'll think you're pedaling through a sandbox. You can run it tubeless if you prefer, courtesy of Vittoria's Aramid Tubeless Talon bean (TNT tires feature 120 threads per inch, so you'll sacrifice a little bit of suppleness of the 150 TPI non-tubeless option), and the clincher design makes the Cross XG affordable and easy to maintain.

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