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Vittoria Cross XL Pro

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Price: $42.00
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Vittoria Cross XL Pro
Vittoria Cross XL Pro description:
Even though tubular tires allow for lower air pressures and more puncture resistance, not everyone wants to splurge on a tubular wheelset. Vittoria's Cross XL Pro tires take the best of the Cross XL tubulars and translate them into a clincher version. The Cross XL was built upon a 150tpi casing. The tread features aggressive, widely-spaced knobs to shed mud and grip firmly in acceleration, braking, and cornering. They are especially good for muddy conditions. Its suggested air pressure range is 45-90PSI which make it ideal for varying conditions. This tire is both tube and tubeless compatible, which gives you wheel options when it comes to training and racing. The Vittoria Cross XL Tire comes in two sizes: 700 x 31mm and 700 x 33mm. It is available in either Black or Anthracite/black.

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