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Vega Sugarfree Energizer

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Vega Sugarfree Energizer
Vega Sugarfree Energizer description:
Shaking off a busy day at work with a quick gym session, a hard spin, or your favorite Pilates class is your favorite way to end the day. But you're usually feeling pretty foggy by 5pm and you often haven't eaten since lunch, so even though you know you want to work out, your body isn't all-in. Rather than weigh yourself down with a sugary candy bar or greasy bag of chips that you'll only regret, you can give yourself a quick burst of energy for a workout with Vega's Sugarfree Energizer. A scoop contains five guilt-free calories, ideal if you're watching your daily intake or don't want to spoil dinner later. Plus, rather than adding sugar, Vega enriches the supplement with caffeine as well as a cocktail of gluten-free vegan supplements like ginseng and turmeric. Together, the supplements work to boost energy and mental clarity while preventing you from bonking midway through your boat poses.

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