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Vega Maca Chocolate Bar

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Vega Maca Chocolate Bar
Vega Maca Chocolate Bar description:
You've just finished your third kale-based meal of the day, and you're working on drinking the last of your protein shake filled with kale, acai berries, and every other super food discovered in the last five years. We're going to make a suggestion: you sound like you could use a piece of chocolate. Don't worry, we wouldn't dream of telling you to throw away weeks of your dedicated training diet with a gooey, chocolate-flavored bar of gunk. As it turns out, you can eat a Vega Maca Chocolate Bar and actually come out ahead of where you were before, as Vega, a plant-based nutrition company, adds invigorating organic Maca to 70% cocoa dark chocolate to create the bar. In addition to gaining antioxidants from dark chocolate alone, you now have the opportunity to benefit from the higher energy levels and vitamin B12 Maca is known to provide. The best part: you also won't be consuming any gluten or genetically modified organisms, and the bars are kosher friendly, certified vegan, and organic.

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