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Vega Nutritional Shake

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Vega Nutritional Shake
Vega Nutritional Shake description:
Take a break from sugary nutritional supplements full of additives you don't need post-workout and try Vega's refreshingly simple Nutritional Shake. Created as a response to the loaded-down, unhealthy products saturating the recovery market, this shake comes free of dairy, gluten, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and sans added sugar to boot. Add a scoop of it to your favorite shake recipe, juice, or glass of water to boost your protein intake and recovery without throwing away your hard work. This also isn't just your basic protein shake though. Vega makes sure you'll receive 50% of your recommended vitamins and minerals for the day with each scoop, especially helpful if you're no good at remembering to take vitamins or supplements. Plus, you'll also ingest a heap of antioxidants, greens, and probiotics for good digestive measure. Rather than downing an entire package of berries and spinach, you'll get the nutrients you need in one place, which is perfect for busy athletes who don't have time to spend hours concocting the perfect smoothie from scratch each day.

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