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Veer Foldable Rear Basket

item #VEE0003
Price: $58.95 Buy Veer Foldable Rear Basket
Veer Foldable Rear Basket
Veer Foldable Rear Basket description:
Next time you're headed out for an afternoon at the park with the tots, make sure you pack all the snacks, sippy cups, extra layers, and toys your little ones want with the Veer Foldable Rear Basket attachment. Pop this soft-sided basket on to your Cruiser stroller and fill it to the brim. Add even more storage by zipping up bulky items and clothes with the basket's mesh zipper. This basket is easily cleaned in case one of your young ones spills a drink or dumps a bag of cracker in the bottom of it. Fit other Cruiser accessories in this basket, too, so your stroller set up is ready for anything wherever you are.

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