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Feedback Sports Digital Caliper

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Feedback Sports Digital Caliper
Feedback Sports Digital Caliper description:
In the world of cycling, a few millimeters can mean the difference between a fully dialed setup and a wonky feeling bike. Get it right the first time with the precise measurement of the Feedback Sports Digital Caliper. This digital caliper measures the inside, outside, and depth of common cycling components. Common uses include measuring seatpost diameter, stem length, handlebar width, BCD of crank spindles, and chainline precision. It even features a component-specific reference chart, allowing you to consult common dimensions on-the-fly.Its six-inch measurement length is long enough to dial-in your bike's setup, with graduations of 000. 5-inches/0. 01-millimeters for high levels of precision. Additionally, it effortlessly toggles between inches and millimeters for maximum convenience.

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