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Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer

item #USS000J
Price: $429.99
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Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer
Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer description:
Finding a trainer that's portable enough to take to and from races but solid enough that you'd also want to leave set-up in your basement for indoor winter training can be a lot to ask. Additionally, if you're using it to warm up pre-race, you can't risk damaging a race tire with a rear-locking design. Feedback Sports fills this gap in the trainer market with the Omnium Portable Trainer. Weighing less than 14lbs, the trainer is completely foldable and comes with a heavy-duty, padded tote bag that's the right size to be easily stowed in an airplane's overhead compartment when races require you travel further afield. Despite this portability, once it's set up, the Omnium is rock-solid enough to handle your most punishing indoor workouts. The Omnium unfolds in three parts, so setup is tool-free and quick, and Feedback's engineers created it to accommodate a wide range of bike sizes. Whether you're riding an XXL 29er or a minimalistic crit machine, the Omnium's length and height can be adjusted to adapt to a wide range of wheelbases and frame sizes. The trainer's fork-mount enjoys similar versatility; it's compatible with standard quick-release forks and thru-axles ranging up to and including the new Boost standard. Once you're ready to ride, the Omnium's intelligent design makes a pre-race spin or an indoor interval set quiet and effective, with completely sealed aluminum drums adding resistance using Feedback's magnetic Internal Progressive Resistance (IPR) for a smooth, realistic ride.

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