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Unior Threadless Nut Setter & Guide

item #UNR000J
Price: $38.67 Buy Unior Threadless Nut Setter & Guide
Unior Threadless Nut Setter & Guide
Unior Threadless Nut Setter & Guide description:
Unior has been making pro-grade bicycle tools at garage-sale-grade prices since your grandma was flippin' her first pancakes. When it comes time to finalize your headset assembly and install the star nut in your fork's steerer tube when building your bike, reach for the Unior Threadless Nut Setter & Guide. It'll ensure level nut installation -- something you'll come to appreciate if you've ever set a star nut askew inside a steerer tube and had to figure out how to get it out. Made of hardened and tempered tool steel with a phosphated finish, Unior's Nut Setter & Guide will last through many, many bike builds and rebuilds.

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