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Umpqua Switch 600ZS Sling Pack

item #UMP002D
Price: $99.95 Buy Umpqua Switch 600ZS Sling Pack
Umpqua Switch 600ZS Sling Pack
Umpqua Switch 600ZS Sling Pack description:
As much as you try to simplify your fly fishing setup, you still manage to fill your pack up with fly boxes, line, split shot, tippet, and the obligatory flask. The Umpqua Switch 600ZS Sling Pack hauls everything you need for a day fishing for trout on your favorite local stream, and it keeps a low profile thanks to Umpqua's ZeroSweep design. The ZeroSweep design allows you to slide the pack around from your back to your belly to gain access to the two large fly boxes that you have stashed in the main compartment, and the external accessory ports keep your nippers and hemostats easily accessible when you're tying on a new fly after that crafty brown trout snapped your line around that submerged log.

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