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TYR Apex Backpack - 2441cu in

item #TYR003I
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $79.96
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TYR Apex Backpack - 2441cu in
TYR Apex Backpack - 2441cu in description:
Trying to pack for a tri demands your full attention, especially when you know you have a long day of travel ahead of you before you get to the race. The stomach-dropping realization that you've forgotten a wetsuit or your cycling shoes and don't have time to turn back isn't something we'd wish on any triathlete. While it can't go through your pre-race checklist for you, TYR's Apex Backpack will do its best to make packing for race day and unpacking everything in transition easier. It features an assortment of separate compartments to keep gear organized and accessible and a specific bottom chamber for your wetsuit. Lightweight construction and mesh paneling ensure the bag dries quickly, and padded shoulder straps and a top handle make it easy to schlep into T1 for pre-dawn setup.

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