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Twin Six Flow Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's

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Buy Twin Six Flow Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's
Twin Six Flow Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's
Twin Six Flow Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's description:
Leave the worries of everyday life behind and lock into the immersive trance of pedaling down bustling boulevards and scenic hillsides with the Twin Six Men's Flow Jersey. Standing out among the ordinary offerings you've become accustomed to, the Flow's sublimated graphics pop with crisp colors and vivid patterns that command attention on the road. To ensure continuity of the jersey's striking graphics, the full-length zipper hides out of sight, yet still operates smoothly to release excess warmth when you're on the verge of overheating. Soft microfiber fabric keeps you cranking in complete comfort, so as to not disturb your concentration when you're carrying momentum up steep hills and dropped over the bars on descents. For greater comfort, this microfiber fabric boasts quick-drying abilities for optimal temperature regulation as you begin to sweat. Newly redesigned, all Twin Six Jerseys sport slightly longer sleeves (approximately an inch longer than before). These longer sleeves scrap the pinch prone elastic previously employed for well-proportioned, fitted cuffs. The jersey itself strikes the sweet spot between the looser fit of standard American offerings and the form-fitting cut of Euro jerseys. As always, each Twin Six Jersey's US quality shines through in every stitch and seam, with exceptional attention to detail.

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