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Teravail Galena Tire - Tubeless

item #TVL000B
Price: $55.00 Buy Teravail Galena Tire - Tubeless
Teravail Galena Tire - Tubeless
Teravail Galena Tire - Tubeless description:
Taking inspiration from the idyllic gravel routes winding across the glaciated hills of the Midwest's Driftless Region, the Teravail Galena Tire serves up a smooth, supple ride over loose gravel and packed dirt roads. The Light & Supple Casing forgoes a layer of puncture reinforcement in favor of terrain-conforming flexibility, lending its namesake feel when you're pedaling over bumpy back roads. Its tubeless-ready configuration allows you to drop tire pressure for loads of grip and a smooth, jostle-free ride over gravel roads. The tread pattern on the Galena isn't as aggressive as other offerings in Teravail's line, meaning it prefers well-maintained gravel roads and dirt paths over the rough stuff. Think smoother gravel and winding countryside paths over jagged flint rock and abused forest roads for the Galena's intended pursuits. The combination of a tight centerline tread and sparse shoulder knobs minimizes rolling resistance while maintaining enough traction for cornering and climbing up steep hills.

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