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Teravail Kennebec Tire - 27.5+

item #TVL0006
Price: $70.00 Buy Teravail Kennebec Tire - 27.5+
Teravail Kennebec Tire - 27.5+
Teravail Kennebec Tire - 27.5+ description:
The Teravail Kennebec is a lightweight trail beast will take you away from your freshly groomed singletrack and into the wild beyond with confidence. Built for the adventure, Teravail implemented some pretty rad technology to keep your tread locked to the dirt and air in your tires, so the last thing you need to worry about is which pocket your tire lever and CO2 cartridge is in. We all know the drive to get out further into the mountains and explore what lies down the path less taken, take a tire with you that you can trust to hold up to it. Beefy knobs make up the tread, with directional lugs that dig in and lock you into place, whether you're hitting blown out and sandy switchbacks, or navigating your way up rocky and loose deer trails. Their durable casing features a woven aramid fiber reinforcement underneath the tread and sidewall to protect from punctures. Aramid fiber is twice as strong as KEVLAR, and lighter in weight, and with those two claims it's easy to want to see what it's all about. At 2. 8in this tire sits comfortably on a 30-45mm rim, and running a lower PSI it begs to soak up the bumps and rocks that your suspension might miss.

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