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Teravail Galena Premium Tire - Tubeless

item #TVL0002
Price: $65.00 Buy Teravail Galena Premium Tire - Tubeless
Teravail Galena Premium Tire - Tubeless
Teravail Galena Premium Tire - Tubeless description:
All gravel roads aren't created equally. We've had the pleasure of riding gravel in Idaho's dairy country that some combination of local government and enterprising ranchers maintains better than a lot of the chipseal we see in similar areas. We've also been on gravel "roads" that are less like actual vehicle paths and more like the uncultivated slope of a volcano. That's actively erupting. Teravail's Galena Premium Tubeless Tire is designed for the former sort, and its blend of a plush width, supple TPI, and relatively fast-rolling center strip mean it can transition from crummy rural asphalt to graded gravel and dirt with ease, covering the surfaces that tend to constitute most gravel/adventure events. The Galena Premium's 120 TPI AX Casing is not only more puncture resistant than the standard Galena, but it's also a helluva lot more supple. That means it conforms to iffy terrain better, so it grips more confidently when harder casings would simply bounce across bumps, lumps, and very small rocks. These benefits extend to cornering, so the Galena Premium isn't afraid to turn up the speed where other tires would balk. The supple casing is reinforced with a bead-to-bead layer of aramid-powered puncture resistance and, compared to the burlier Cannonball Premium, the Galena Premium keeps the claimed weight down to a respectable 320g. Not climbing tires, sure, but surprisingly light considering their intended terrain.

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