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3T Ergonova Pro Handlebar

item #TTT002M
Price: $119.00
Sale Price: $109.99
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3T Ergonova Pro Handlebar
3T Ergonova Pro Handlebar description:
When you're cruising down empty country roads with only fence posts and cows for company, are you really gonna be thinking about how much your fancy carbon bars weigh' Probably not, especially when you can ride with the comfort provided by the 3T Ergnova Pro Handlebar. It has the same ergonomic shape as 3T's more expensive carbon bars, with a teardrop profile that's easy on your hands and cuts through the wind, and a 123mm drop that makes it easy for riders with smaller hands to get on the brakes. We can't say that the aluminum Ergnova Pro is as light as carbon bars, but they still check in at a very reasonable 265g in the 42cm width. Add that to the piece of mind that you get with durable aluminum bars, and the Ergnova becomes something of a no-brainer for recreational riders who demand comfort and performance.

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