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3T Ergonova Team Handlebar

item #TTT002K
Price: $349.99
Sale Price: $244.99
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3T Ergonova Team Handlebar
3T Ergonova Team Handlebar description:
The road isn't always the same. Sometimes you'll be in an endlessly straight valley, and other times climbing on and on as you stamp out a slow dance. Alternatively, you may find yourself pinned up at the local four-corner crit and need a bar stiff enough for precision steering under race efforts. With its carbon construction, a claimed weight of 180g, and an ergonomic, 6-degree flare at the drops, the Ergonova Team Handlebar can do it all. A slight, aesthetically pleasing flattening of the tops allows for a more comfortable surface for hands, while providing a more traditional look for bar wrapping towards the stem.

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