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3T Ergonova LTD Handlebar

item #TTT002J
Price: $399.99 Buy 3T Ergonova LTD Handlebar
3T Ergonova LTD Handlebar
3T Ergonova LTD Handlebar description:
Every second that you're on your bike, you're on your bars (except for those opened-armed kiss-blowing arm-flexing finish line celebrations that you're known for), and that means bars matter. That's why ergo bars have become so popular, and there's no better ergo bar than the 3T Ergonova LTD Handlebar. The LTD line is 3T's top-shelf product category, and that means the 3T designers went to insane lengths to ensure the Ergonova is just about the lightest, sexiest, and most comfortable handlebar around. Sure, the carbon composite that's used is the lightest on the market, but that only matters because 3T uses high-tech computer-aided processes that shape super-aero bars, gives the bars to real riders for testing, and then redesigns according to their feedback. The resulting bars have an egg- or teardrop-shaped top that's more comfortable to grip, and a drop that makes it easy for riders with smaller hands to reach the brake levers from any riding position. 3T also designed with every different rider size in mind, so the Ergonova comes in all sorts of sizes to fit everyone from Kittel-sized sprinter to Quintana-esque climbers.

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