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3T Flat LTD Handlebar

item #TTT001S
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3T Flat LTD Handlebar
3T Flat LTD Handlebar description:
The 3T Flat LTD Handlebar was designed with a multi-faceted rider in mind. Technical cross-country one day, light enduro the next weekend, with a bit of single track and a marathon racing thrown in the mix for fun. With 3T's commitment to safety and testing, drawing from protocols that meet aerospace engineering standards, this bar is built to be a bombproof speed machine. The Flat LTD is constructed out of high modulus carbon fiber for an exceptionally light, stiff, and responsive feel that translates to more control as you fly down the trail and tackle new terrain. 3T utilizes its compact-cockpit design that leaves ample space on either side of the stem for mounting grips, shifters, brake levers, and any number of accessories such as lockout levers, cameras, and lights that you might want along for the ride. At a claimed weight of 160g for the 720mm width and 170g for the 740mm width, this is the lightest flat bar in the 3T line. If needed, the Flat LTD Handlebar can be cut down to 660mm (from 720mm) or 680mm (from 740mm) to meet individual rider requirements.

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