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3T DiffLock Pro Seatpost - 0 Offset

item #TTT001R
Price: $110.00 Buy 3T DiffLock Pro Seatpost - 0 Offset
3T DiffLock Pro Seatpost - 0 Offset
3T DiffLock Pro Seatpost - 0 Offset description:
A seatpost is a pretty utilitarian component, but it still has to do its job well without creating issues. 3T's DiffLock Pro 0 Offset Seatpost gets it done with a tough aluminum alloy construction, zero-offset design, and 3T's unique DiffLock clamping mechanism. DiffLock's interlocking splines hold your saddle rails precisely to within half a degree for perfect alignment, and require minimum torquing force, so your saddle is easy to adjust, even mid-ride. Sliding it fore and aft won't alter the saddle angle, either, so you can utilize the DiffLock's full range without worrying that adjustments will affect your riding.

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