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3T Ionic 25 Team

item #TTT001C
Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $143.99
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3T Ionic 25 Team
3T Ionic 25 Team description:
Stiff, light, and reliable, the 3T Ionic 25 Team Seatpost scoots you back 25mm in the cockpit to give you a liiitle extra reach if things are feeling a little bit cramped. It uses a Difflock single-bolt clamp, made of rugged aluminum alloy, to lock your saddle in place while allowing for easy adjustment without changing the seat angle as you move the saddle. The post itself is made of carbon fiber which, it goes without saying, is stiff, light, and strong, so it won't weaken or flex under load, and you won't lose any power that should be going into the pedals.

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