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Tentsile Connect Tent: 2-Person 4-Season

item #TSI0002
Price: $450.00 Buy Tentsile Connect Tent: 2-Person 4-Season
Tentsile Connect Tent: 2-Person 4-Season
Tentsile Connect Tent: 2-Person 4-Season description:
Don't get caught taking a dirt nap when you could be sleeping easy in the Tentsile Connect Tent on your next camping trip or festival stop. This portable treehouse deploys between three trees via three included 2. 5 ton webbing straps equipped with heavy duty locking ratchets for a secure set up. This full featured tent/hammock hybrid is made with a 240-denier inclined joint nylon, polyester composite flooring, tear-resistant mesh walls to keep the bugs out, and a removable 190T PU coated fly to keep you dry once the rain hits. Four doors located at the front and back of the tent make access from any side of the tent easy, while two aluminum poles provide three to four feet of head space while you're kicked back hanging from the trees. As the names suggests, the Connect Tent is designed to be connected to three or more Connect Tents, so you can create your own arboreal commune in which you and all your friends can relax without being bound by the ground.

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