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TruVativ Descendant DH GXP Direct Mount Crankset

item #TRU000S
Price: $151.00 Buy TruVativ Descendant DH GXP Direct Mount Crankset
TruVativ Descendant DH GXP Direct Mount Crankset
TruVativ Descendant DH GXP Direct Mount Crankset description:
Upgrading your crankset after a rowdy last season left your old one a little worse for wear shouldn't get in the way of your shuttle ride budget, so if it does, you're probably doing something wrong. Truvativ's Descendant DH GXP Direct Mount Crankset blends affordability and a hardworking design, with its solid-core aluminum arms and X-SYNC chainring eager to hit the lifts to find the most destructive lines on the mountain. Though it adds some weight, the Descendant DH's solid aluminum construction beefs the entire unit up significantly compared to hollow construction, equipping it to behave with strength and stability when you're heading into apocalyptic lines that put all but the most confident cranksets on edge. A slight addition to weight from the solid construction matters even less on this version of the Descendant DH too, as it comes with a gram-saving direct mount ring for a cleaner interface on the efficient design.Another update this year's version delivers is an upgrade to SRAM's X-SYNC chainring, which has earned its own fair share of attention since being introduced. The X-SYNC's 34 squared-off teeth will latch onto your chain and not let go, staying with it through mud, rock, and rough, root-lined dirt. If you're worried about protecting your shiny new chainring, the Descendant is compatible with a bash guard too, allowing you to get even more protection when you're riding.

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